Workplace Counselling

Organisation & Person Focused

Workplace counselling is an employee support intervention that is usually short term in nature and provides an independent, specialist resource for staff working across all sectors and in all functional environments.

Confidential, short term, solutions focused

The counselling process provides an employee with a confidential and safe place to talk about issues that trouble them, explore solutions and receive help from their counsellor.

As workplace counselling is short term (up to eight sessions), Positive Ways practitioners are commonly “integrative”, meaning they have trained in a range of different therapeutic approaches.

This is important because the choice of the approach used by the counsellor usually matters less than the quality of the counsellor-client relationship, with the counsellor meeting the client’s willingness to attend with trust and openness. This helps the client to succeed.

Work Life Balance

It maybe thought that work based counselling should only be used to address issues directly relating to the employee’s work life, including stress, overwork, bullying and difficult colleagues, however an employee’s performance can also be negatively affected by personal issues.

All of us can experience life-crisis issues at different stages in our live; such as bereavement and loss, relationship and family difficulties, substance misuse and stresses at home can all distract employees from work. Work relationships and productivity can then suffer. In certain safety-sensitive industries this can also be a major risk.

Cost Effective in meeting Duty of Care

Workplace counselling often helps employees who are absent from work, and there is evidence that counselling support can accelerate the rehabilitation of an absent employee, saving the organisation money in the long run. In short, everyone who works in an organisation is a potential client.

Giving employees access to a confidential, workplace counselling service can potentially be viewed as part of an employer’s duty of care and will enable the employee and employer to keep their business on track.

Goal – Self-Caring & Harmonious Relationships

One of the key things that Positive Ways plans to create harmonious relationships, which we often find is best achieved through Peer Support Networks, such that your system and staff mutually look after themselves.

Resilience is the legacy we aim to leave behind.