Organisational People & Business Focused

Workplace counsellors need to have a specialist viewpoint and skillset, as they essentially have two clients: the employee in and the sponsoring organisation. Workplace counsellors are aware of the context of the employees work, the need for sensitive yet effect management and will have a crucial understanding of the environment to which the employee will return.

Workplace counsellors need a crucial mix of both psychological insight and the organisational management process so that the employee can return contentedly to work and continue being effective and efficient. We all want to succeed.

Flexible Approach

Whilst Positive Ways counsels from a focused Human Givens perspective, our counsellors are trained in a variety of different styles including CBT, person centred, psychodynamic, transactional analysis and hypnotherapy.

All of our counsellors compliment their psychological training with experience of being senior managers in large businesses and or running their own business. They understand the people and business tensions and imperatives, understanding the stresses and strains on bosses too, and bringing that insight into the support of our clients,

Leads to success

This has enabled Positive Ways to provide successful counselling outcomes in large listed companies, small owner businesses’, the health and emergency services, to social workers and third sector providers.