This is a bitesize programme which will act as a refresher and help you to achieve the results you require within your life, career or business.

The Results Program is delivered by the Positive Ways team over 4 Elements of 2 hour to 3 hour session, which can be delivered one to one or in groups.

For more details please see the following please email or call 07834 655 171.

1 Celebrating & Transisting The Three ‘C’s’ of Celebration that ‘Bank your Capital’ – Communication, Commitment & Continuity that enable you to keep investing in yourself & dream for the future.
2 Business/Career Strategy Planning How to develop your ‘Launch Plan’; the vital few breakthroughs you need to achieve (‘The What’s’), and key actions that will achieve them (‘The Hows’)
3 Constitutive Selling Bring your integrity to the table; start to become a Master at making your stakeholder the Centre of your Process
4 Empowerment Short Term Desires vs Long term interests; understanding change and building a HFT