This is a bitesize programme designed to help you focus on your plans whether they are brand new, or ongoing ones that need to be refreshed and brought back on track.

The Focus Program is delivered by the Positive Ways team over 4 Elements of 2 hour to 3 hour session, which can be delivered one to one or in groups.

For more details please see the following please email or call 07834 655 171.

1 Mind Mastery Work Effortlessly by riding the waves and also enjoying the plateau – i.e. getting perspective on the natural ebb and flow of life. Make it easy by developing your inner stance and building your resilience.
2 Emotional Management Emotional Capital; what are the TEN Competencies that enable you to build your Capital Base?
3 Self-Analysis Appraise yourself using the Emotional Needs Audit & plan to develop the key TEN Emotional Capital Competences that lead to a solid ‘Inner Stance’ (the way we respond).
4 Action Planning Setting the agenda, winning commitment and sponsoring self-review & reflection for meeting milestones together