Business Coaching is about helping you develop the skills necessary to succeed in your business venture. This is different to Business Consulting whereby the consulting will advise and tell you what to do. Positive Ways

The Business Coaching Programme (BCP) is of benefit to those wishing to give more direction and take more effective action in their businesses. It is also for those just starting out and wishing to do so with clarity and confidence.

Whilst designed for businesses planning to lead staff, Positive Ways also coaches sole operators and will simply tailor the program to meet their needs.

In this program you will learn how to set your mission, develop your goals and build the management confidence and resilience to execute a successful action plan. Where needed, you will hone your management and leadership skills, learning how to take action out into the market place and succeed. The innate confidence to act is often termed ‘Executive Presence’.

The Business Coaching Programme is facilitated by the Positive Ways team and is broken down into 9 elements. Each element is delivered in a in a two to three hour session.

For more details please see the following please email or call 07834 655 171.

1 Business Strategy Planning How to develop your ‘Launch Plan’; the vital few breakthroughs you need to achieve (‘The What’s’), and key actions that will achieve them (‘The Hows’).
2 Self-Analysis Appraise yourself using the Emotional Needs Audit & plan to develop the key TEN Emotional Capital Competences that lead to a solid ‘Inner Stance’ (the way we respond).
3 Constitutive Selling Bring your integrity to the table; start to become a Master at making your stakeholder the Centre of your Process
4 Team Building Learn your way to weave people and their skills together, define the dream and set your Purpose, Strategy, Policies & Values.
5 Action Planning Setting the agenda, winning commitment and sponsoring self-review & reflection for meeting milestones together
6 Stress Management Understand the ‘E’ in Emotion is Energy, the thing that moves us – Energy in Motion. Understand the power of patterns and the ‘APET’ model in order to turn stress into success.
7 Empowerment Short Term Desires vs Long term interests; understanding change and building a HFT which is the capacity to be patient, focused & tenacious whilst overcoming obstacles.
8 Time Management The Work Life Study Balance (WLSB) starts with a ‘Needs Audit’. From this, you plan, monitor and manage your Emotional Energy in order to achieve balance.
9 Leadership Development Emotional Capital; what are the TEN Competencies that enable you to build your Capital Base?