‘Just as a candle cannot burn without fire. Men cannot live without a spiritual life’ – Buddha

FlamePositive Ways defines spirituality as the pragmatic way in which you bring purpose and meaning into your every day life.

The spiritual life forms an essential component to happiness, life satisfaction, and even physical and mental wellbeing. It forms a domain in its own right, alongside the more familiar focuses on physical, mental, emotional, and social life.

Within this workshop, Emma and Keith will introduce their concepts of soul and spirituality, and discuss ways in which we can all pragmatically express their spirituality. We have our own beliefs, but will encourage you to discover your own. We advocate personal autonomy, and there are no rules as to what might work for you.

In this course we will also look at the concept of Living on the Plateau. This is to help you become at ease and enjoy those periods in our life when it is necessary, sensible or appropriate to slow down and accept peacefulness.
calm boatLiving on the Plateau starts with the premise that personal growth comes equally from pausing and slowing down as much as it does form fast paced action. In this program you will learn that personal mastery comes from practice and the plateau is great place to see far and wide.


You will learn about and put into effect:

  • Understanding what spirituality means to you
  • The process of pause and reflection
  • Discovering what gives you meaning and purpose
  • Integrating pragmatic spirituality into your life
  • Understanding the cyclical nature of life which calls for growth, pause, and reflection at different times, in different areas
  • How to trust yourself

In our work, we support the integration and flow of living mindfully and spiritually within our every day lives, rather than viewing it as an ‘add-on’ feature, requiring special planning and separate activities.