The Resilience Programme has proven to be a popular and successful way in which individuals can gain personal coaching in a group setting. It can be used to enhance your one to one coaching or counselling sessions or on its own, to focus on this particular aspect of improving your resilience.

Individuals will explore solutions to their current challenges and begin to envisage what their next moves might be in terms of planning and taking action.

The programme is based on the Human Givens approach and will provide you with the knowledge and support needed to fulfill unmet needs in positive and healthy ways. This will enable you to move forwards in any aspect of your life in which you currently feel held back.

It is equally beneficial for people who:

  • wish to return to meaningful occupation following some time away from employment
  • wish to start their own business, pursuing their passions
  • are feeling ‘stuck’ and in need of activating some positive change, motivation and self-empowerment
  • wish to learn more about overcoming trauma and how to learn new, healthy patterns
  • wish to find more connection with others, and become involved in a supportive and resilient peer community

This is a Peer Support Programme. Peer Support is rooted in the principles of partnership whereby each participant gives and receives attention and mutual support. Peer Support enables you to identify, engage and make use of your own resources, in order to get your needs met within the safe space of the group or partnership.

Following the Programmes, you will attend a monthly, structured Peer Support Group in order to maintain new habits and receive regular support.

Please see the model diagram on the ‘Emotional Resilience in Action’  page which demonstrates the structure and direction of the programme we follow, moving you from a place of feeling ‘stuck’, to a place of resourcefulness. In this place, you will feel more able to manage daily life, as well as the occasional life challenges that we all face from time to time.

These programmes are currently facilitated by Emma in: Stevenage, Hitchin, Langford, Bedford and Clophill. Please contact Emma on : or 07791 520388.

To find out when the next programmes will be starting, please visits: