Positive Ways run programmes from a range of centres. These programmes encumber and build on the workshops delivered by Positive Ways which are all based on the latest psychological research and insights.

The world seems to have become more accessible and faster paced, attributes which are certain stages of our life are exciting, necessary and stimulate our growth. There are also times when we need to rest, recover and gather our resources. It is after all, a journey.
FlowAs a metaphor, you may find your self stuck at the bottom of a ravine, exhausted, lacking in energy and other resources, facing different and confusing ways to go.. Building necessary resources, becoming resilient makes great sense so that you can choose you are pathway forward and set off energetically. You may then find your self arriving at a flowing river where you need to decide on who you are and where to go next, before setting off and leading yourself in new directions. Finally, you may arrive at a plateau, a place to rest, to pause and be at ease. This may be temporary, whilst you prepare to set off again or it may be place to settle and enjoy.
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