The Personal Coaching Programme (PCP)

The Personal Coaching Programme (PCP) is beneficial to anyone wishing to gain more command over their own lives and be more effective in the personal & career ambitions. It is also effective for individuals who work with ‘people’, or within any of the caring professions.

It will enable you to set clear goals and identify the vital few (or critical) things that you need to achieve to be successful. It will then support you to hone your self-management capabilities; e.g. stress & emotional management, clear & creative thinking, which will lead on to taking action for success whilst still keeping a balanced life. Finally, you will become competent in celebrating success & in getting ready for the next stage!

The Personal Coaching Programme (PCP) is facilitated by Keith and is broken down into 13 elements. Each element is delivered as a two hour session detailed in the table below.

In the First Session Keith will help you establish your goals & agree the order in which the subsequent sessions will be followed. For more details please contact or on 07834 655 171.


Session Main Focus Learning Outcome, New Skill or Output
1 Goal Setting Understand the need to ‘Dream, Wish, and Intend’ your goals into being – Understand the importance of all three and how to bring them into balance
2 Acceptance & Commitment Establish or identify your values and establish your ‘values direction’ and build your focus and commitment; get ready for action.
3 Handling Stress Understand the ‘E’ in Emotion is Energy, the thing that moves us – Energy in Motion. Understand the power of patterns and the ‘APET’ model in order to turn stress into success.
4 A Balanced Life The Work Life Study Balance (WLSB) starts with a ‘Needs Audit’. From this, you plan, monitor and manage your Emotional Energy in order to achieve a balanced life.
5 Critical Success Factors Working within the boundaries of your goals, values and WLSB, you will clarify what it is that you need to do well, and get those things established as part of a routine.
6 Thoughts, Words and Deeds You will build on your Emotional Goals, setting clear goals for your thoughts, self-coaching for your verbal expression and getting ready to take positive action.
7 Reality & Conformity Tame the rebel within you; find out about the ‘Big Ego’ and the ‘Little Ego’ – develop your ‘Personal Political Plan’ and get with the program
8 Mind Mastery Work Effortlessly by riding the waves and also enjoying the plateau – i.e. getting perspective on the natural ebb and flow of life. Make it easy by developing your inner stance and building your resilience.
9 Procrastination Short Term Desires vs Long term interests; understanding change and building a High Frustration Tolerance (HFT),which is the capacity to be patient, focused & tenacious whilst overcoming obstacles.
10 Fulfilment& Success Meaning? What’s the purpose in having a meaning? How else will you know when you are done?
11 Acting Creativity Back to dreaming……. And creating a Thinking Environment for your clarity of mind & consistency of action
12 Emotional Management Emotional Capital; what are the TEN Competencies that enable you to build your Capital Base?
13 Celebration and Transition The Three ‘C’s’ of Celebration that ‘Bank your Emotional Capital’ – Communication, Commitment & Continuity that enable you to keep investing in yourself & dream for the future.