Peer Coaching is rooted in the principles of partnership, whereby each participant gives & receives attention and support in getting their needs met. The long term intention is to foster a personal sense of independence and resilience.

The guiding principle is that each participant will be able to enjoy the mutual support to identify, engage and make use of their own resources in order to get those needs met and more into feeling a sense of wellbeing.

Peer Coaching Principles

  • The principle of mutuality – giving and receiving attention
  • It’s a partnership in community with each other
  • Shifting the focus to needs and the future
  • Towards wellness – physical and emotional security
  • Clarify language – emotional connection
  • Work with where the client is, to foster autonomy, a sense of control and the recognition of others’ needs
  • Being confident

What we do/ learn?

  • How to listen actively
  • How to use clean and clarifying language
  • How to use reflective questioning
  • Honing our Emotional Intelligence
  • Positive self-coaching, including reframing
  • How to resolve conflicts
  • The difference between compassion, sympathy and empathy
  • How to manage our emotions
  • Telling a positive personal story
  • Sustaining our ability to adapt to changing conditions