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What is Peer Coaching & Who is it For?

Peer Coaching is an interactive process between two or more people, using personal lived experience, and professional approaches. In the Coaching process, high quality relationships are formed, based on trust, authenticity, straightforwardness, and support. By building these meaningful connections, you will gain clarity into, and a vision for, your own purpose, whilst reciprocally using your new ‘peering’ skills in practice with others.

new Skills & vocation

Learn a brand new vocation and skills that could enable you to follow your passion to start a coaching business, or improve career aspirations.


enhance performance

Generate and manage internal organisational knowledge, and improve your staff training and performance by coaching & passing on the peering skills.


develop yourself

Gain a clear understanding of your purpose, starting from the premise that you are basically healthy, and want to sustain a well balanced life.

Interpersonal Skills

You wil naturally develop self-confidence, interpersonal skills, increased motivation, and energy, by having the opportunity to reciprocate in ‘real life’ via the online and offline peer communities of practice

experienced tutors

You are fortunate to have skilled and experienced corporate, executive, and health experienced tutors, leading you in the programmes, who can guide you to progress in your business, career, and personal life.

Underpinned by research

You will learn the DENT© model, a world-centred, and pragmatic approach to human development, that will enhance your relationships, as well as your interaction with the world, and across all areas of life.

Accredited Courses

Level 2 is a standalone course (run by the Community Interest Company we sponsor – see FAQs for more information).

Levels 3, 4, & 5, build on each other. So, to become a Level 4 Peer Mentor, you need to do the Level 3 Peer Confidante Course. To become a Peer Coach, you need to do the Levels 3 & 4 courses first. 

They do not have to be completed in quick succession. You can practice as a Peer Confidante for a while before you decide to continue with the higher levels. 

Below is a list and a very brief outline of the four Accredited Courses. For a more detailed course structure, please visit the college by clicking on the ‘take me to the college’ button, or on each of the levels below which will take you directly to their respective pages.

Level 5: Peer Coach

You reach a level of mastery & craftmanship, working with precision & refinement; you are able to hold volatiliy, uncertainty, complexity, & ambiguity in the coaching situation. You are able to take on diverse perspective & draw on your expertise, working with consciousness and demonstrating the ability to monitor your own intentions, thoughts, feelings, behaviours & values

Level 4: Peer Mentor

You will learn how to share the skills/resources you have gathered in your own life inspiring through transformation; support goal setting and commitment to action; be solutions focused; and learn in more details about some of the specific challenges that people face.

Mastery & Beyond.....

Beyond Mastership programmes are being introduced at level 6 and beyond. At this stage, you will most likely have been working with your own clients in an established business for some time. The benefit of having business and corporate experienced tutors is that we will have helped you to set up your own business or develop your career whilst going through the previous levels. There is much more to come.....

Unique features of the Accredited Programmes

next steps

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Frequently asked questions

Each Level is £1250 per course

Yes, you can pay in full for £1250 before the start of the course, or you can pay £225 per month over 6 months

Not for these courses, no. However, if you are not quite ready to commit to the Level 3 and above courses, you can take our Level 2 programme ( details can be found here: is run by the community interest company we support called Adept Living Foundation and you can contact them here:

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Our clients say

“With no exaggeration, having Keith as a coach was a life changing experience. Using a crude analogy, I was like a 15 year old car that needed servicing and tuning. I was able to sit and introspect and do some soul searching to gain self-awareness. Keith made me so comfortable that I could talk about nearly anything. I never was looking at the watch when we had the sessions as it was so interactive and engaging. More importantly, Keith helped me upskill myself so that I could self-evolve which was the most valuable facet of this experience. I could go on and on but as my closing comments, I would like to let you know that this has been by far the most effective part of this training program and I have ALREADY shared my feedback with many in my organization about how good this coaching has been for me”
Vice President Finance, Global Consultancy Organisation
Emma taught me not to give up in the hardest of circumstances, to believe in myself, to use the tools and believe that they work. She helped me to see me and find me. Emma really sees a person and not just a client. I have total confidence in her.
I completed the Emotional Resilience Programme led by Emma in December. Emma made me look at the past experiences in a different, more positive way. She helped me to break down my current and future goals using the DENT tools and helped me to focus my attention on achieving them. Most surprisingly, I found that over the weeks I have become a lot more resilient in challenging situations without feeling like I had to work hard to stay strong. Emma is very understanding and shared many of her life stories which made me feel at ease and comfortable to open up from the very beginning. I would definitely do it again.
Project Manager - Pharmaceutical Industry
“Keith provides a well needed space to breathe to step back and take a balanced view of challenges. He has the ability to see through the chaff to identify key organisational issues and the underlying causes of challenges. He enables direction and helps to create practical plans to help you meet challenges with confidence. Keith is a very calming character who puts you at ease and helps to calmly look at concerns, worries and stresses. He has great insight that helps to get to the real issue in a positive way. He guides you to develop coping tools so that you leave feeling armed and positive”.
Projects Director - Public Sector