‘The best Doctors in the World are, Dr Diet, Dr Quiet, and Dr Merryman’ – Johnathan Swift.

ObservingLiving Mindfully is a less formal programme than the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction format.

Living Mindfully broadens the concept of mindfulness to other practices and ways of being. It is about being attentive to your health, considerate of others and your own needs, and giving thoughtful, appropriate, and light-hearted responses to life’s challenges.

Within this programme we will discuss what it means to live mindfully, as well as sharing practices with you, outside of the scope of what is, traditionally, thought of as mindfulness meditation practice.

You will learn about and put into effect:

  • Simple methods to getting calm quickly
  • The benefits of the Observing Self
  • Working the link between your body, thoughts, and emotions
  • Connecting with your wider world
  • Seven tips for becoming Mindful

Living Mindfully, provides a solid and calm base, from which we can think clearly, and act calmly, in all aspects of our life.