‘Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations’. —Peter Drucker

DAnceLeadership is a quality which transforms good intentions into effective actions, across all areas of your life. The first aspect of leadership, is leading yourself.

A leadership vision is ordinarily created from human and organisational (which can be your home, work or relationships), values and needs. Most of us tend to meet that vision best, and feel most contented, when we work with others, especially those we care about, to achieve it. But it can be challenging.

To raise above challenge, self-leaders need to be able to handle complexity and uncertainty, bond with a set of people to help build relationships, be willing to take on continuous learning, as well as learning to adapt to and act in an ever changing environment.

In this programme, you will learn to work with

  • Your values and needs, and your responsibility, aligning the to the environment you are focused on (home, work, or love lives)
  • The components of personal mastery, to overcome procrastination
  • An additional 3 components necessary for collaborating successfully with others
  • Seeking and receiving effective feedback for continuous improvement
  • The 4 steps of ‘How to get things done’

Having Self-leadership means you will never need to feel stuck again, and more, it is the foundation for leading your business, team, organisation or simply leading a contented life.