imageOur team at Positive Ways have a broad range of skills, qualifications and experience:


Emma Jaynes – Peer Coach

I enable my clients to discover their aspirations and potential, and to replace a limiting story with one that empowers, and aids personal transformation.

How do I do it? By observing the current story to determine where you are now, and exploring future possibilities which give a vision for your life and enables a step by step plan which guides you towards the life that you seek.

Which techniques? I will draw on a variety of techniques and bespoke tools based on tried and tested models, combined with my experience of what works in practice. I encourage mindful living and residing in the solutions by always keeping the vision in view. For example, you may be encouraged to create structured goals and plans, or to journal your story and practice relaxation.

Background I have held senior roles, working in the charity sector and the NHS. I run my own businesses and community enterprises including setting up Peer Support Programmes.

My work is underpinned by my qualifications in Coaching, Psychology, Peer Support, Social and Cultural theories, Counselling, and my experience as a researcher and teacher. I also integrate my personal, lived experience where it is appropriate, drawing on methodologies such as DENT, and the 12 Steps.

Emma can be contacted on:

07791 520388

Keith Abrahams – Peer Coach

My aspiration is to teach you the techniques to support you in getting your needs met and achieving your goals. That in turn can become your springboard for your ongoing transformational learning, if you choose.

“Transformational Learning comes when the student can challenge their own assumptions, critically think, and then learn for themselves”.

How do I approach it?  Without any ‘psychobabble’! I use a straightforward framework, or set of organising principles, called DENT (Dynamic Experiential Narrative Theory). It sets out clearly and simply what we all need and what resources we have to achieve fulfilling those needs.

I then use a Motivational Interviewing approach to help you evoke, focus, plan and engage your personal resources so that you become successful.

Which techniques? I may use a whole set of DENT tools and other techniques, that I collectively term ‘Rational Emotive Behavioural and Cognitive Theory’ that help (and teach) you to make sense of your world, become calm, think clearly and behave in positive ways.


Alongside a senior career in business as an MD and FD, I have practised as an executive coach, lecturer and therapist for over 20 years, delivering programs face to face, in groups and online. My clients have included large international consulting, manufacturing, retail and distribution businesses. I also act as a mentor to small businesses.

07834 655 171

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