When we are not navigating the key challenges of life in healthy and positive ways, it can lead to ‘existential dilemmas’ during key phases, when we might face ourselves, and ask the questions ‘who am I?’ and ‘why am I here?’

These moments in our lives can feel particularly challenging, and we may need some impartial support and guidance from someone who has travelled their own path through such dilemmas. We may find that the approach needed is not so much a direct route forwards, as an opportunity to explore where we are and allow things to surface in whichever order they present themselves.

Web of your life imageIn LifeSeeker, then, we use the Web of your Life (see picture) as a symbol of both the way in which all areas of our lives are interconnected, internally and externally, and of our interrelation with others, as well as a power greater than ourselves.

Each area is represented by one of the five elements of nature and the web enables us to see how our lives are interwoven and different areas, may surface in different places, at different times.

A LifeSeeker consultation, allows for a fluid process whereby you will first discover how your life is currently balanced on the web, by telling the story of your life so far. You will visit whichever element or elements you feel you would like to explore, and you will begin to build your new story, learning tools and techniques along the way which will support you as you get to know yourself even better.

This can be a powerful process of transformation and renewal, allowing you to solve both specific challenges that bring you to coaching, as well as working on a more generalised process of personal growth and development.

LifeSeeker is suitable for people who:

·         Wish to grow and develop

·         Have reached a place where they feel stuck and wish to clear the path

·         Know that they need or want to make specific changes within their lives

·         Wish to improve their relationships with themselves or others

·         Have a desire to access a deeper level of life purpose and meaning

We recommend you attend a minimum of 6 sessions in order to gain the most benefit. These can be spaced in whichever the way you feel is most helpful for you. You will receive tasks to complete at home in between sessions, which will enable you to integrate what you have learned.