Positive Ways defines Enterprise as ‘any endeavour, effort or expression of energy towards a desired outcome’. For Positive Ways that means any ambition our client has in commerce, career, or community, that is their enterprise.

As we grow and develop we often feel the pressure to ‘succeed’, that is to achieve things. The challenge can often be that we do not know what steps to take. It is almost like we wish we had a ladder to climb!

LifeAchiever is suitable for you if you wish to build a ladder, move precisely and quickly, meet your immediate goals, and learn a methodology for your ongoing success.

Success FrameworkIn LifeAchiever, you will be coached in how to reach your goals following a straightforward, plain talking process (see figure), that takes you from where you are, clarifies what you want to achieve, and helps you build the skills and then set the plan to get there. That plan includes accountability for success.

This is normally achieved over 6 session which follows the Positive Ways RIGAARIS approach (contact us for more details).