What do I do?

My aspiration is to teach you the techniques to heal and support yourself in getting your needs met and achieving your goals. That in turn can become your springboard for your ongoing transformational learning, if you choose.

“Transformational Learning comes when the student can challenge their own assumptions, critically think, and then learn for themselves”.

How do I approach it? 
Without any ‘psychobabble’! I use a straightforward framework, or set of organising principles, called the Human Givens. It sets out clearly and simply what we all need and what resources we have to achieve fulfilling those needs.

I then use a Motivational Interviewing approach to help you evoke, focus, plan and engage your personal resources so that you become successful.

Which techniques?
I may use a whole set of tools that collectively I term ‘Rational Emotive Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy’ that help (and teach) you to make sense of your world, become calm, think clearly and behave in positive ways.

I have practiced for over 20 years, supporting client’s success across a broad range of emotional and mental health issues, including volunteering in schools, prisons, addiction Centre’s and other organisations. I specialise and volunteer in helping trauma victims overcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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