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My desire is to help you find peace about whatever decisions you are making, difficulties you are facing, or dreams you wish to realise. This could be about any subject, such as moving jobs, starting a business, making changes in a personal or professional relationship.

My approach is to work alongside you, in an impartial, supportive and non-judgemental way, in total confidence and at your own pace. My approach is client focused and plain talking aimed at helping you become your own ‘guru’.

In that way we will work together to create a safe place, where you will feel free to express yourself, to explore your dreams and wishes, to understand what are the perceived limitations that hold you back and what are the things you need to achieve your goals.

Alongside my coaching and counselling training, career and business activities I bring my experience of life, of family and of more than 30 years working in a variety of companies, many of which have involved managing, mentoring and coaching a diverse range of people.