Third EyeOur intuition is our most powerful discernment resource. Intuition is an integral part of the way in which Emma and Keith work. It is not something mysterious that is only gifted to a special few, we are all born with it and it is essential to us.

However, in the world which we currently inhabit, intuition as a skill is not valued as highly as it should be and we often put logic and reason before it, sometimes to our detriment.

In addition to peoples’ professional training and skills in conventional practices and methods, it is the intuition which enables us to really get a sense of what is going on around us and in our lives.

We may often get a sense about something which is almost impossible to put into words. We sometimes just have a ‘knowing’ that a path is the right one to follow, for example, or that it’s about time you called your sister.

In this workshop, Emma and Keith will talk about intuition and give you tools and techniques for you to practice honing your intuition.