We at Positive Ways are often asked the question, ‘What is healing?’ As we pondered this, it became apparent to us that healing can be considered across the four key domains of Physical Healing; Mental Healing; Emotional Healing; Social Healing; and Spiritual Healing.

Because Positive Ways always places the needs and understanding of our clients first, we don’t feel the need to define what each of those specifically means. To us, it is irrelevant to consider a client anything other than whole. Therefore, our aspiration is to support our clients with their preferred approach to healing, across the five domains above, which we call ‘becoming integrated’.

In our experience, an integrated person is able to articulate both clear meaning to their lives going forward and good sense or an empowering story, of their past.

From this place our clients are able to build resilient relationships, assimilate information from their environment and take effective action to achieving their goals.

Keith and Emma, run a variety of courses which ponder the theme and experience of healing, always encouraging and enabling the individual to be responsible for their own self-healing, rather than disempowering themselves by considering another, responsible for their healing which we know can occur across all forms of healing from conventional medicine to complementary medicine.

In this way, we always operate from a position of Mutuality, where the healing process is a shared experience, with the individual remaining in command of the process, gently supported by their chosen peer.

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