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We coach people who’ve made the first choice – is that you?

Group & one to one coaching services

Group Coaching Programme

You will follow the outstanding pre-planned coaching programme as a group, for 13 sessions (usually)

Personal Coaching Programme

You will follow the outstanding pre-planned coaching programme as an individual, for 13 sessions (usually)​

Bespoke Coaching Groups

As a group, you will choose the session focuses, and pre-decide the number of sessions, with some flexibility

Bespoke Personal Coaching

On your own, you will choose the session focuses, and pre-decide the number of sessions, with some flexibility

How do i know if coaching is for me?

Would you like to be a high performer in life & work?
There is your short answer
Take Supported Action & See things change quickly

It is absolutely possible to change things quickly when you have the right team behind you. Taking action is easier, when someone has your back. Through coaching with us, you gain access to a wider network of peers as well as your coach

Increase Energy & Motivation for Life & Work

Feeling stuck, confused, and chaotic, quickly zaps our energy and hence our motivation, as does not really knowing, or liking, what we are doing. When we gain clarity through coaching, it is like clearing a blockage, pulling the plug and watching energy & motivation flowing back into our lives

progression in life & promotion at work

Whatever the reason for coming to coaching, you will find life moves forwards more smoothly across all areas. You may already come with a specific focus in mind. or it may be revealed to you throughout coaching. Such is the benefit of having therapeutically experienced coaches on our team

understand how to get needs met for calmness in life & work

Unmet needs cause stress and disruption in our lives of which we may not be aware. A simple understanding of our essential human needs, can help us identify places where unmet needs might be linked to our stress, & thus our performance & success. Our coaches will conduct a needs appraisal & support getting needs met

Practically & pragmatically find balance in life & work

The work, life, study balance (WLSB) is something many of us hanker after, though never quite seem to achieve. Through understanding where we can become more efficient with our time & energy, we can ensure that we create enough spare capacity to enable us to achieve WLSB & thus meet our commitments across our lives

tangible improvement in quality of life & level of fulfillment

We would like to bet, that what we all ultimately desire in life, is to feel that is has meaning, that we are fulfilled, and also contented. Some might aim for happiness. Good quality coaching, when approached with willingness & commitment, will lead you towards this overall feeling of a life well lived

How will I decide between a coaching programme or bespoke coaching?

Coaching Programmes

The Coaching Programmes follow a set plan, which you can see in the table below.

You can choose to follow this plan in a group, or individually.

The proviso is that you must complete all 13 sessions of the programme in order to reap the benefits.

Bespoke Coaching

Bespoke coaching objectives will be agreed between you and your coach.

You can choose to join a small coaching group, or have coaching individually.

Coaching draw on different aspects from the range of service that Positive Ways offer.


Whether you choose a programme or bespoke coaching, when you are part of a group, a dynamic is established, and you must therefore ensure you honour your commitment to the other group members. Similarly, with individual coaching, it is important that you honour the coaching contract and partnership between yourself and your coach.

Coaching Programme Content


Main Focus

Learning Outcome, New Skill or Output



Understand the need to ‘Dream, Wish, and Intend’ your goals into being – Understand the importance of all three and how to bring them into balance


Coherence & Clarity

Establish or identify your values and establish your ‘values direction’ and build your focus and commitment; get ready for action.



Understand the ‘E’ in Emotion is Energy, the thing that moves us – Energy in Motion. Understand the power of patterns and the ‘APET’ model in order to turn stress into success.



The Work Life Study Balance (WLSB) starts with a ‘Needs Audit’. From this, you plan, monitor and manage your Emotional Energy in order to achieve a balanced life.


Critical Success Factors

Working within the boundaries of your goals, values and WLSB, you will clarify what it is that you need to do well, and get those things established as part of a routine.



You will build on your Emotional Goals, setting clear goals for your thoughts, self-coaching for your verbal expression and getting ready to take positive action.



Tame the rebel within you; find out about the ‘Big Ego’ and the ‘Little Ego’ – develop your ‘Personal Political Plan’ and get with the programme


The Current

Work Effortlessly by riding the waves and also enjoying the plateau – i.e. getting perspective on the natural ebb and flow of life. Make it easy by developing your inner stance and building your resilience.



Short Term Desires vs Long term interests; understanding change and building a High Frustration Tolerance (HFT), which is the capacity to be patient, focused & tenacious whilst overcoming obstacles.



Meaning? What’s the purpose in having a meaning? How else will you know when you are done?



Back to dreaming……. And creating a Thinking Environment for your clarity of mind & consistency of action



Emotional Capital; what are the TEN Competencies that enable you to build your Capital Base?


Celebration and Transition

The Three ‘C’s’ of Celebration that ‘Bank your Emotional Capital’ – Communication, Commitment & Continuity that enable you to keep investing in yourself & dream for the future.

Coaching Price List

Group Coaching Programme

Individual Coaching Programme

Group Bespoke Coaching

Individual Bespoke Coaching


Paid weekly @£175 p/w per group


Paid in full: 2 free sessions


Paid weekly @£70 p/w


Paid in full : 2 free sessions


Per Session Per Group


5 sessions pre-paid in full per group - 1 session free


Per Session


5 sessions pre-paid in full - 1 session free

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