Group Coaching Programme

Group Coaching Programme (GCP)

The Group Coaching Programme (PCP) is beneficial to anyone wishing to gain more command over their own lives and be more effective in their personal & career ambitions, whilst exploring and developing their social interaction competence. It is also effective for individuals who work as team leaders.

It will enable you to set clear goals and identify the vital few (or critical) things that you need to achieve to be successful. It will then support you to hone your self-management capabilities; e.g. stress & emotional management, clear & creative thinking, which will lead on to taking action for success whilst still keeping a balanced life. Finally, you will become competent in celebrating success & in getting ready for the next stage!

The (GCP) follows the same elements as the Personal Coaching Programme (PCP) except that work is delivered in groups of between 3 and 10. It is therefore a collaborative process which enables your facilitator to comment on the interaction participants have with their peers.

The (GCP) is facilitated by Keith and is broken down into 13 elements. Each element is delivered as a two hour session detailed and set out in the table given in the link below.

In the First Session Keith will help you establish your goals & agree the order in which the subsequent sessions will be followed. For more details please contact or on 07834 655 171.

Personal Coaching Programme (PCP)