Emotional Resilience in Action – The New ERA © Model

The ongoing goal from engaging in, and with, Positive Ways, using the Human Givens organising principles, is to achieve ‘Emotional Resilience’ which is often defined as the ability to bounce back.

Bouncing back implies being confident enough to take action and make changes in response to challenges. Positive Ways looks at this through three areas of human interaction:

  1. Core Domain – how secure in our environment we feel
  2. Internal Domain – how we feel inside
  3. External Domain – how we take action in the outside world

Simply put, the Positive Ways approach will move you from being ‘stuck in the red’ to ‘all set to go, in the green.

We find that the transformational learning is where clients begin to understand how, if their basic needs (core domain) are not met. they may find it very difficult to feel safe to explore their world. This means that they often feel very upset inside (internal domain) and unable to make decisions that will create a healthier life. This results in the interaction with the outside world (external domain) feeling challenging and unsuccessful.

For more explanation of the emotional needs, please read : Human Givens

We will support you in identifying (or auditing) the root causes of your sense of ‘stuckness’ and help you build the resources where you need them.

In essence Positive Ways supports you in:
– Setting achievable goals
– Getting a sensible attitude
– Building your resourcefulness
– Keeping motivated.
– Being successful

Emotional Resilience in Action

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