Emma Jaynes

Resilience Coach

What do I do?

I enable my clients to recover from setbacks in life and to get back on track through helping them to build resilience, which is a gentle way of saying recover their full mental, emotional and physical health.

How do I do it?

I achieve this by starting with an Emotional Needs Audit. I then go on to draw down on my specialist expertise in ‘Gender and Difference’ as a starting point for building and be-spoking a client focused coaching program.

Which techniques?

In delivering my programs, I may teach ‘Mindfulness’, ‘Clear thinking’, ‘Clean Language’ and ‘Interpersonal Skills’ all of which enables my clients to develop healthier relationships with themselves and others.

My Background

As well as having been a senior manager in the NHS, running my own business and a number of charities, I have set up and run Peer Support programs in the community.

I am particularly passionate about helping those suffering from Addiction and Abuse to recover and integrate even more successfully in their community.

All of my work is underpinned by my qualifications in Counselling, Psychology, Peer Employment Training, Recovery Coaching, Motivational Interviewing and my training as a teacher and researcher.

Emma can be contacted on:

07791 520388