DENT© Summary

DENT© is a World-Centred, pragmatic approach to human development, which helps to resolve the tensions that ensue when the person interfaces, or meets, with the (and their) world.

DENT© leads us to Adeption – that is what happens when we integrate & respond, with ease, to the tensions of living, via the process of learning to adapt and meld with our environment.

The DENT© Model website is where we describe the DENT© concepts in straightforward language. All academic papers can be found on our researchgate pages.

We have developed, and continue to develop, pragmatic, useful tools derived from DENT© and use them in our coaching. You will find some of the tools currently in use, and in development and visiting the DENT© Model website

DENT© is derived from our lived experience, work with clients & peers, and influences from the work of the theorists and practitioners whom have gone before us. We see DENT© as furthering their work. We continue to engage with our forbears via the DENT© Model Website

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