Cycle of TransformationThe Cycle of Transformation has been developed from an earlier model called the Cycle of Change by Prochaska and DiClemente.

Emma and Keith have broken down the cycle and used their experience of working with people, to incorporate some additional steps into the cycle. These are the steps that people characteristically need to take, before they can successfully move through the cycle.

Change is inevitable, it permeates our whole life and happens, whether we like it or not.  Sometimes, when we are dissatisfied within our lives, we made need to embark upon a change or changes, in order to move forwards to a more satisfactory way of being.

For example, we may feel unhappy in our job and wish to change to a new career, or, we may have adopted an unhelpful or unhealthy habit, such as drinking too much or eating too much, and we may come to the point where we want to make changes.

Knowing where you are on the cycle of transformation, and the steps needed to go where you wish to go, is very helpful in the process of change and can make it a less daunting propect.

This workshop will be useful to you if you wish to make some changes, or you are in a profession, where you support people through change.

Emma and Keith use the cycle, in their transformational programmes to help people along their journey.