The Positive Ways Peer Coach Diploma is underpinned by Positive Ways own researched approach called DENT© or Dynamic Experiential Narrative Theory. The theory inspires the approach and interventions we have created, to produce techniques. Thus, DENT© is both a theory and a technique.

The course covers a range of psychological theories, concepts, counselling skills, and coaching techniques from other traditions, to form a sound methodology and basis on which our Peer Coaches can draw, to adequately serve their Peer Coachees.

Trainees who wish to offer their new skills in service of the more vulnerable in our communities, may be eligible for funding or part-funding from certain organisations, please contact ALF CIC for more information.

The courses are delivered through the Community College for Applied Commerce (CCFAC). Please visit the CCFAC website for a more detailed description of the course contact: Level 2 Emerging Confidante Certificate; Level 3 Peer Confidante Certificate; Level 4 Peer Mentor Diploma; Level 5 Peer Coach Diploma.

Following, is a brief outline of how the course is structured. You will find that it is a robust and rigourous process. You can choose whether to focus on the emotional/mental health or business/organisational route through the course:

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The course is delivered in an interactive way, whereby theories and concepts are introduced in the ‘doing’ of the work. Homework is set after every classroom session, and is required to gain the full qualification. Full support is given to accommodate a variety of learning styles.

For more information about the course content, please contact Keith on 07834 655171 or Emma on 07791 520388 or email or

Please also contact us to order a full course brochure.