lifeseeker: You know you & Lifeachiever: you lead you

The Last Time you’ll Ever Say ‘I’m Stuck’ !

Has this ever happened to you?

Or rather, how many times has this happened to you?

How did i get here?

How many times have you come to a halt, or said to yourself 'i just don't know which way to go next', or 'i'm not sure how to move past this', or 'you know what, things don't feel ok at the moment'? Think about it honestly.

Try as you might.....

You can't quite put your finger on it, or may be have an inkling, & your life is at a crossroads. You might've tried some things before that worked a while but didn't shift it completely or for very long.

You ran out of solutions

You may even have visited your GP or thought about medication, or even had just a few extra glasses of wine each night, to take the edge off the 'not quite right' feeling - we might call this an 'existential dilemma'.

Did you know?

You’re completely normal! Some things are not meant to be just shifted or shunted off. Likewise, the sticking plaster approach be it recreational or prescribed, is simply a masking mechanism that will only ever bring temporary or short lived relief (and a sore head amongst other more sinister things). Within them, you will never find the answers you seek or get to the bottom of the issue and hence, they are harbingers of false hope. 

'So what then?' you say, 'I'm listening.....'

Firstly, a question or two: If you could find a solution that would work in the long term, would you take it? If so, would it be worth your while spending a bit of time, effort, & enjoyment, to get to the final solution? What value would it be to you to always know how to find the solution & know what to do, think, and be, every time a challenge presents itself? How much time would you save worrying & fretting? How much money would you save from sick days away from work with health problems caused by the stress of the worrying & fretting? How happy would you be, knowing you could move through life with ease, joy, health, & contentment? If this resonates with you, read on .....

You're in the Right Place

If you chose to read on, this is exactly what LifeSeeker and LifeAchiever are for. To give you the final solution, and by that, we mean, the ability to receive the knowledge, guidance, and support, to find that which you are seeking, and to achieve that which you want to achieve.

In short, you will know yourself better, and lead yourself better. Hence you will always have the answers to hand by knowing what you need and want to do next, and taking the right course of action to achieve it, whilst having the best network around, to support it.

You Know You

LifeSeeker addresses the 'Existential Dilemma', which is when we question, well, our existence. We might ask questions such as, ' Who am i?', 'Why am i here?', 'What do i value?', 'How does life make sense to me, or give me meaning?', 'what is my purpose?'.
We might not, at first, know this is what we are asking or need to ask, as the dilemma might show itself in other ways, such as low mood, or anxiety, confusion, boredom, apathy, or tiredness, for example.
LifeSeeker, in a nutshell, enables you to formulate answers to these questions, or gives you the tools, road map, guidance, language, and support, to make sense of them and feel more settled and at ease within yourself again.
Once you have these tools, along with the navigation and support, you will always have a place to turn to when you feel challenged and, ultimately, avoid having to take the medical route.
It is a packed programme, and you will:

You Lead You

LifeAchiever takes you forwards from where LifeSeeker left off. With the emphasis geared towards you being the leader in your own life, of yourself, making conscious & well thought out choices, that lead you to taking action on the things you mused about in the LifeSeeker part
LifeAchiever starts from the premise that leadership is a quality whch transforms good intentions into effective actions in all areas of your life
It helps you to focus and express your energy towards any effort or endeavour that leads you to a desired outcome, or what we term, your enterprise, be it in commerce, career, or community.
As we grow & develop, we often feel the pressure to 'succeed', in other words, to achieve things. Quite often, we may not have any idea what stesp we need to take that will lead to this success. It's almost like we need a ladder. The LifeAchiever programme is that very ladder!
In this second part, you will:

Dream big and choose the thing that finally works: Seek, Lead, Achieve

Choose the perfect plan

We have designed several packages to suit every lifestyle & budget. Each programme lasts 12 months. Success & life satisfaction, ultimately comes down to where we choose to prioritise & focus our energy & efforts. Choose well. 



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Frequently asked questions

The payment is set up via paypal and will automatically come out as a monthly subscription on the same day you registered, each month

The best thing to do is call us if you are having problems with payment and we will do our best to find a suitable arrangement. However, if non-payment persists, you will stop receiving monthly modules, and may be removed from other groups and lose your discount benefits

Yes, there will be clear instructions given, and we will talk you through it if you are having any technical issues. We have chosen technology that is simple and straightforward to use and can be access via PC, Laptop, or Smartphone.

Keith & Emma have a combined 40 years of working in a broad range of fields including Psychology; Psychotherapy; Coaching; Peer Support; Business Coaching; Executive Mentoring; Hynotherapy; & other healing methodologies. In addition, they have lived experience of significant life challenges, including trauma, addictions, physical ill health, & emotional distress and have overcome them using the methods in this course. We have run our own businesses for many years, and have held very senior positions in the corporate, public, & voluntary sectors. Hence we walk the talk and have created our own Psychological approach drawn from our expertise in these fields and our extensive client work.

Please, if you have any questions, queries, or doubts, at all, or just want to talk to us and see if we resonate with each other, then we always encourage you to book a call, following this link, or the book a free call buttons on this page. It is a serious commitment to your future and we want you to feel very happy and comfortable working with us. 🙂

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