Coaching Programmes

Pathways 3If you are at a life crossroads and don’t know which way to go, The Positive Ways Coaching Programmes will lead you on.

The programmes are a guided, straight forward exploratory way to understanding and expressing yourself better, clarifying your ambitions and encouraging you forward to a life of revitalised meaning.

We currently offer two Coaching Programmes which each have a slightly different focus. LifeSeeker to give you some time to explore yourself more deeply and LifeAchiever to hone self-leadership and step out into the world more fully expressive of who you are and your aspirations:

You Know You: LifeSeeker Programme

The You Know You programmes have been developed for you to establish a foundation on which to focus on personal growth and development.

You Know You starts from the premise that you are ultimately the expert in yourself, but may not yet be consciously self aware of where to focus your efforts. You Know You programmes, offer guidance and support to help unearth our positive resources and remove limiting beliefs which keep us from living the life we want to live.


You Lead You: LifeAchiever

The You Lead You programmes have been developed for you to take responsibility and action in your personal growth and development.

You Lead You starts from the premise that leadership is a quality which transforms good intentions into effective actions in all areas of your life. You Lead You programmes offer guidance and support in order for you to engage your personal resources, plan, and take effective action.


Please see the individual pages for more information on each programme.



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