At Positive Ways, we know that achieving what you want, and discovering who you are can be both rewarding and challenging.

We assert that personal and professional development are continuous life processes, and that inevitably, each stage in life requires a period of transition, sometimes known as rites of passage.

In the days of our ancestors, this transition or journey was supported by those who had walked and explored ahead. This is what Positive Ways Peer Coaches now do for you.

Peer Coaching

Positive Ways starts with the presumption that clients are ready to grow and learn and have the willingness to receive insightful input from their coach. Peer coaches have coaching, counselling and psychology training, coupled with experience, which they will share where it is appropriate to support their client’s personal growth.

Some clients may feel that in order to step forward they need some initial impetus. Some might term this healing, which can be achieved through mindfulness, hypnotherapy, or other traditional techniques. Positive Ways can deliver that.

Peer Coaching is delivered both one to one and in group programmes to achieve the following:

  • Deciding which way to go, if you are at a crossroads
  • Improve performance in work, career, & leisure activities
  • Move towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Overcome limiting and negative self beliefs
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Create the new life you want to lead

You can choose to explore yourself through LifeSeeker coaching, or for career, commerce, and community aspirations, through LifeAchiever coaching.

Either way, the solutions will surface in a natural and gentle way, that is right for you.

Please visit : LifeAchiever and LifeSeeker