Positive Ways (PW) relate to the way you lead, that is, lead primarily yourself, and then set an example to your family, friends, community and then of course your career, work or self -employment, often called career resilience.

The opportunities we have for demonstrating leadership are considerable, as are the distinctive leadership styles that we can adopt, most of which will be unique to us as individuals. Some will lead from the front, some quietly from behind, some will tell and some will show, some will simply inspire confidence.

And that is what leading with positive ways is about: having confidence (self-efficacy) to take on challenging tasks with effort and energy; to have a certain and focused attitude (optimism) towards success, now and in the future; to keep going (persevere) towards your goals when it gets tough, adapting when you need to and having the ‘bounce back factor’ (resiliency) to overcome the adversity and disappointment of set-backs.

Therefore, personal leadership through resiliency is often needed in three circumstances:

  1. Defensive – being ready for future (often unknown) adversity
  2. Development – to be ready to succeed with more ease and
  3. Recovery – from trauma or ill health

To enable them to overcome, the PW way is to support our clients in building their asset base. An asset is something that we use to make life easier. PW helps its clients develop their assets in three main domains and then into the fourth higher ‘with ease’ success domain:

Domain*: Assets:
1.       Core Sense of Security, Emotional Connection & Community
2.       Internal Giving & receiving attention, having privacy & autonomy
3.       External Having meaning, status & achievement
4.       Higher Success through humour, clear purpose & creativity

*See https://positiveways.co.uk/emotional-resilience

The gentle process starts with an assessment or audit of needs, followed by a gentle, focused, personal and group development program that engages your resources, gifts, strengths and talents, which leads to resilience.

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