We create a warm, positive relationship with our clients from which positive ways spring.

Positive Ways is a combination of equal support and gentle and suitable challenge.

Support means we provide comfort, encouragement, validation and serve as a foundation for you, keeping it place as you continue to grow.

Challenge means we will question, clarify and seek explanation of what limits or stops you from moving forward, which we will help you overcome.

We understand that each of us starts with a different capacity for resilience and coping. A careful emotional audit helps us assess your needs and capacity. The right mix of support and challenge will enable you to work and develop in the Positive Ways quadrant of ‘SUSTAINABLE GROWTH’.

Positive Ways will gentle nudge you out of:

  1. Being STUCK – which is where apathy and inaction reside
  2. SHYING AWAY – where the challenge feels too great
  3. COLLUSION – where the view of the world is not properly questioned or fed back

PW sustainable growth

This is because support without challenge does not encourage adult learning.  This is why positive ways puts its clients at the centre of the process, but provides some of the energy, direction and spare emotional and mental capacity that some clients, sometimes, think is missing from their world.

With support comes guidance and teaching, which leads to your ‘Emotional Resilience in Action’.


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