Clients approach Positive Ways for two reasons:

  1. to lead and achieve in their personal and professional ambitions
  2. to seek and discover expanded ways of living their life.

Cloud SpiralOur Philosophy

Keith and Emma’s simple philosophy is that as humans develop, their potential grows. To make the most of that potential, that is to achieve and expand, we must all meet challenges and navigate through different stages of life. This is termed Rites of Passage, which can be related, for example; business, career, relationships, and family.

Challenge is navigated by adopting Positive Ways that enable calm lives, clear thinking, and effective action. Effective action means forging pathways that explore who you are and lead you to success.

Positive Ways understand that our clients need Programmes to be resilient, have direction, know, lead, and be patient with themselves when it seems not very much is happening.

How You Will Develop

Through Positive Ways you will find the Courses you can take will teach you:

  • How to get calm through mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • To demonstrate clear thinking by telling your story – which is what you want, and how you will do it
  • And take effective action, through self leadership, and any form of spirituality that works for you

Programmes, Courses, and Workshops , can be delivered to bespoke groups if requested.

As Peer Coaches, Positive Ways believes that creating new pathways needs skills, which is why we are coaching and psychology trained, and have knowledge of the terrain, of life and business.  This is why we both have lived experience we are willing to share.

Find out more here:

Keith Abrahams  and Emma Jaynes

Contact Emma (07791 520388) or Keith (07834 655171) to start the process with your no obligation, ‘Initial Discovery’ (ID) session.