At Positive Ways, we recognise that receiving guidance and improving our knowledge and skills is an essential part of growth and development.

Teaching simple and effective coaching tools and techniques, backed up by the latest Psychological research, Emma and Keith can guide you towards more ‘Positive Ways’ with which to manage and enjoy your personal or professional life, and feel more at ease.

Emma and Keith believe that Positive Ways is simply the attitude that we would like to inspire in our clients and that, with this attitude, transformational processes can take place.

Positive Ways work  to provide Clear thinking and Calm Lives, adopting  fast, yet effective and practical approaches to Coaching, Training and Facilitating.

Positive Ways will engage with you through:

  • Training to develop your skills, confidence and resilience
  • Peer Coaching to plan your future
  • Facilitated groups and discussions to enable you to hone and shape your new skill and plans
  • Peer Support to build healthy relationships

Please browse our website for more information about our services.